Hello Phobos!

Hey, welcome to iodoom3. From the people that brought you ioquake3.org.
We’re still getting everything set-up, for now please file patches into bugzilla.icculus.org
You can chat with like-minded individuals on irc.freenode.net, in the #iodoom3 channel.
You can subscribe to the mailing list here.
You can have a web-forum discussion with coolguys.jpg here.
We’re on twitter.
There’s a wiki up now, as well.
TODO on iodoom3 itself:

  • Add SDL for portability on input handling and window management.
  • cmake for building
  • Cleanup compile-time errors
  • 64bit
  • installers for the top three platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

TODO on services:

  • wiki (probably mediawiki)
  • web-irc
  • site that doesn’t look like a default wordpress theme
  • forums
  • twitter
  • mailing list
  • irc channel
  • bugzilla
  • FAQ

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