Hello Phobos!

Hey, welcome to iodoom3. From the people that brought you ioquake3.org.
We’re still getting everything set-up, for now please file patches into bugzilla.icculus.org
You can chat with like-minded individuals on irc.freenode.net, in the #iodoom3 channel.
You can subscribe to the mailing list here.
You can have a web-forum discussion with coolguys.jpg here.
We’re on twitter.
There’s a wiki up now, as well.
TODO on iodoom3 itself:

  • Add SDL for portability on input handling and window management.
  • cmake for building
  • Cleanup compile-time errors
  • 64bit
  • installers for the top three platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)

TODO on services:

  • wiki (probably mediawiki)
  • web-irc
  • site that doesn’t look like a default wordpress theme
  • forums
  • twitter
  • mailing list
  • irc channel
  • bugzilla
  • FAQ

46 Responses to “Hello Phobos!”

  1. Kristian - Reply

    I take it ioDoom 3 will not need a cd-key? I got my copy of Doom 3 of Steam and the Steam cd-key doesn’t work with the Linux version.

      • chronokun - Reply

        why not? Isn’t it just a matter of changing ID_ENFORCE_KEY to 0 in /framework/BuildDefines.h ? shouldn’t be too hard to fix, didn’t take me long.

    • Mike Swanson - Reply

      Try viewing the full key from Steam (as a comment below says), or just copy the doomkey file to ~/.doom3

      however, as far as it goes, being under the GPL, you can remove the CD key check yourself, but I’m sure this project wants to stay on the safe side of lawyers; for example, ioquake3 still has the CD key check.

      • Jay - Reply

        Yes but the ioquake3 check is something of a placeholder. You can hold down a key in the CD key box and will it up with WWWWWWWWWWWWWW for all it cares, it’ll still accept it as legit.

      • Kristian - Reply

        “however, as far as it goes, being under the GPL, you can remove the CD key check yourself”

        I am no programmer but I DID manage to fix this problem my self :)

  2. Soron - Reply

    If you got it off of steam, click on the “library” tab and make sure that your view menu is set to “game details” the CD key should be on the right hand side under the links section, just below the “store page” link or “dlc” link.

    • Kristian - Reply

      I just tried this once more with the original executable and it doesn’t work since the Steam keys are longer than what the Linux port expects, I can’t physically enter the cd key that Steam gives.

      Also for the record I certainly DO own both Doom 3 and ROE on Steam since I bought them as part of the id super pack. This is strictly for the ability to play the game under Linux NOTHING else and my little change to the source code made it accept anything even a blank cd key so that solved the problem. The GPL has no restrictions as to the function of the changes you make to the source, so it is perfectly legal.

      That being said I would love to get the unmodified Linux port up and running. So any tips to that effect are of course very much welcome.

  3. Bill Pickett - Reply

    What about the network-check of the cd-key?

    In the current retail-build, order of startup: does not check for disc. Checks cd-key against local algorithm – if pass continue, if fail stop. Send checked cd-key to authorization server, if rejected (passed local algorithm but not a legitimate key – failed second layer algorithm) stop, if no network response continue, if valid response continue.

    Will you just be doing the first level cd-key check? As in checking against the first algorithm (key generators would pass this) but not the second one (the private algorithm on id’s servers)?

    Someday it’s not going to matter as id will shutdown their key-servers anyway and then key generators will just work.

      • Jay - Reply

        The CD-Key code was removed from ioquake3 though. Sure it asks you for a key upon first startup, but you can put in literally anything and the game will tell you it’s valid and continue. If you decided to do this for ioquake3, why wouldn’t you follow your own precedent with iodoom3?

        Besides, if mods like The Dark Mod become standalone they won’t have any use for a serial key, so might as well scrub the redundant code. This does NOT mean I support piracy, so stop with the accusations against anyone who feels the same.

        • zachary - Reply

          ioquake3’s handling is the same, we give standalone authors the means to remain standalone and regular players get checked the same way as id’s release.

  4. Bill Pickett - Reply

    I signed up for the bugzilla account. Windows 7 is not listed as a platform to report a bug and the only option is “other.” I’d like to report a bug present in the retail 1.3.1 version as one I’d like to see fixed. I’ll post it here first and then later put it into bugzilla when that’s got a first-release I can test to see if the bug is still present.

    Platform: Windows 7 64-bit.

    When you kill an enemy their body is supposed to “burn away” until nothing is left. Under Windows 7 64-bit (and maybe others) when the body reaches “fully burned away” the full body will flash back on-screen for a quick moment and then be gone.

    Workaround: I have a mod right now that sets the “stay time limit” for bodies to something like 300 seconds. They don’t “burn away” they just stay there fully drawn when you kill them.

  5. haza - Reply

    TODO on iodoom3 should (IMHO) include widescreen support. Sure, it can be enabled by manually tuning the config file, but really it should be selectable from the display menu within the game.

    And while at it, items (like the HUD) should not get distorted in widescreen mode.

  6. far.in.out - Reply

    +1 on removing the 60 fps cap.
    Also, are there shadows in this release or did J.C. remove them. Didn’t get that part clearly.

    • Andre - Reply

      Shadow rendering is still in of course. The patent issue only concerns the order and mode of stencil operations. The original code, known as Carmack’s reverse, is basically just an optimization, which is not used in the GPL’d code. If the patent ever falls, it’s trivial to change back.

  7. Chuck - Reply

    Why don’t you want to use a really good framework like GLFW or SFML to bring that engine multi-platform rather than that sdl junk. Each game who use sdl give me headaches as soon I am running the program and even if I disable vsync or change the fov!

  8. julian - Reply

    >Add SDL for portability on input handling and window management.

    please don’t do to d3 what you did to q3, i.e. make a game you can perfectly fine Command-Tab out of into a game you are trapped in (Mac OS X).

      • julian - Reply

        of course the issue exists and i am sure they know about it.

        i didn’t file a bug-report because its obvious that they knowingly traded a lot of regressions (i.e. not being able to command-tab out of the game anymore on the mac) for the sake of having a single unified rendering backend instead of a lot of native code.

    • Lukas - Reply

      I wouldn’t blame SDL for this. IIRC, ioquake3 releases mouse focus when you open up the console “`”. Either way, this is not a bug in SDL however its a potential bug in the way the SDL code is written handling this.

      It seems sort of ridiculous to avoid using a multi-platform library due to a bug that you are experiencing in a particular application that uses that library.

  9. rohezal - Reply

    Hi will you guys implement the missing “Carmacs Reverse” code for the shadows? I think it was developed a few times and its not to hard, but i think its a shame that it is missing.

    • Harley Laue - Reply

      No need. As others have said: it’s only an optimization. Most people, unless they’re on quite old hardware, will likely not notice much of a difference.

      • chronokun - Reply

        ‘just an optimization’
        what kind of an attitude is that? and what about the people who *are* on old hardware(or just low powered hardware) and *do* notice a difference?
        if it’s only like 6 lines of code or something and make it faster for everyone (even if not by much) why wouldn’t you want to do it?

  10. Diego Viola - Reply

    Please provide Wayland support, it’s the future.

    I suspect that if SDL has Wayland support then iodoom3 will automatically support it?


  11. Rusgamer - Reply

    Iodoom3 and Ioquake3 is a full and complete game how open and free Openarena or is it just a bunch of improvements / additions / addons to the main commercial games Doom3 and Quake3?

    • zachary - Reply

      right now, ioquake3 and iodoom3 are additions to the engines. So that would fit into your second category, “just a bunch of improvements”

      My intention is to, at some point, have creative commons licensed games included with them so you do not need to buy the game to experience something vaguely like it.

  12. Rusgamer - Reply

    So you’re just trying to prolong the life of those old commercial games. And for you it is or pay, or just Sisyphean labor.

    • zachary - Reply

      I don’t get paid to do this, though I may decide later to put advertisements on the site to help defer the hosting and bandwidth cost.

      So in your world it must be for the Sisyphean task.

  13. Rusgamer - Reply

    No offense, please!
    Just a game is old and even if people get it for free, and and code of the game will be closed, then it would not be able to develop, it will not update to it after a time, almost all will lose interest. All such projects are unfortunately doomed. So it’s a labor of Sisyphus.
    And this is your only way of expression.

    • kai - Reply

      Well, in this case, I won’t say Doom is doomed, as the source code release of idTech3 proved – the game still has a large, active player base, and many spin-offs have been created based upon the released code. Prolonging Doom 3’s life is just the immediate outcome of this work, but even if Doom 3 itself hasn’t a player base comparable to Quake 3 due to it’s single player focus, iodoom3 is mainly setting a cornerstone for many, many new projects based on the game engine – we might even see an effort to port Quake 3 to idTech4.

  14. Rusgamer - Reply

    You intend to make full and complete open and free games:
    “Open Quake 3 (Arena or anything else)”
    ”Open Doom 3 (anything) “?
    Or even any other, but a full game?

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