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  1. JB - Reply

    Hey Guy’s,

    Love the work that is done on ioQuake III! Although I haven’t seen any updates since 1.36 for windows. I hope ioDoom3 will also kick ass.

    Is there any chance ID Tech 4 features can be put in the ioQuake 3 id Tech 3 engine to upgrade it so to speak (like the Darkplaces engine did on Quake 1)? Quake III Arena still has a big online active community after 13 years… I’ll keep an eye out for it :).

  2. mastersrp - Reply

    It’s GREAT to see you guys back in action with the Doom 3 source code! I hope to be learning quite a bit from this too :)

    @JB, the ioquake3 engine is written in C, while the entirety of id Tech 4 has been rewritten in C++. It would be VERY difficult to move stuff between these engines, though, not impossible.

  3. Ryan - Reply

    Lot’s of fuss about website maintenance. Lot’s of bikeshedding about which git host to use. 5 commits in git. All of them pointless junk. Great work.

        • mastersrp - Reply

          I find it rather funny how people seem to have such a hard time using git. It’s amazingly simple, while being way more advanced, faster and much more lightweight than SVN (for instance).
          I’ve used bzr, hg, git and svn, and git is by far my favorite.
          No need for a central server, and changes can easily be merged, branches can be made with just one command, and reverts can be done to ANY time and space in any branch in any repository, with one simple command.
          And if you’re not into commands, github has made clients for both Windows and Mac at and
          If git is too hard to use, you probably shouldn’t be working for an IT company anyway.

  4. houghtob123 - Reply

    So when is this actually going to be released? I keep hoping it will be better than the editors for Quake 4 or Doom 3. Might just stick with UDK.

  5. Lewis Cowles - Reply

    Just wondering what ID left out of the Doom3 engine that you guys are having to implement, and to ask if the C++ is outperforming or under-performing, compared to the the C code of yester year (obiosuly for existing features that the two engines share, I just think it will use at least 10% more RAM). I haven’t had much of a chance to get my C\C++ coding hat on for well over a year, but will follow this project overenthusiasticly 😉

  6. Nathan - Reply

    Well.. where is it then?! 😛

    Been looking forward to having a play with this on Ubuntu Linux!

    How’s progress? Need a hand? Can I help? What can I do?

  7. necro - Reply

    How do i run the doom3 engine i have the source code but its just a bunch of files what do i do?

  8. Sys - Reply

    > to ask if the C++ is outperforming or under-performing
    Carmack, from Id, answered that although the team more or less “slid into” its decision to use the C++ programming language for DOOM 3 instead of C, he is now certain that C++ is the right choice, especially for large multi-developer projects that place high priority on performance.

  9. nick - Reply

    So, what more needs to be done in order for a stand alone engine download to be available? Has there been any work done on this in the last 4 months? I cannot see anything in the orums about progress and hope this hasn’t died.

  10. DoctorMe - Reply

    Compiled and ran on Arch Linux x86. Lookin’ good guys!

    I had a little problem figuring out how to run the game after compiling and copying the .pk4 files into ../base. I kept getting an error at runtime: “Sys_Error: couldn’t find game dynamic library”

    The trick is to do this after compiling:
    “cp ./neo/ ../base/”

  11. Garrett - Reply

    I found this website while searching for porting games to Linux I hope that’s what I’M looking at here, is it?

  12. ceh - Reply

    iv tried downloading this through git and it refuses to work. someone should really put up a real download link or torrent for this.

  13. bravo2zero - Reply

    git clone git://

    is all you need to type this should have been posted first but there is a lot of people who just think everyone knows all these file transfer software packages .

  14. DemoNn - Reply

    It’s been over a year since iodoom3 was announced, yet no releases, news or updates yet? What gives? What’s going on?

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