• What is iodoom3?
    On November 22, 2011 id Software released the source code to Doom 3. This project aims to build upon that source code release by cleaning up, fixing bugs, and adding features. Our permant goal is to create the open-source Doom 3 distribution upon which people base their games and projects. We also seek to have the perfect version of the game engine for playing Doom 3, it’s expansion pack Resurrection of Evil, and all popular mods.
  • Who created this project?
    The people that brought you ioquake3.
  • Will PunkBuster work with iodoom3?
    Nope, PunkBuster is closed-source software and cannot be made to work with open-source software.
  • Does this mean that Doom 3 is free to play?
    No. Playing Doom 3 still requires a legitimate copy of the game. You can purchase a copy from Steam or your favorite retailer.
  • I have more questions!
    Ask them on our forums!

17 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Diego - Reply

    Hi, I’ve got a problem in linux when i start a new game throws me those errors:
    WARNING: Unknown string id #str_07186

    seems that couldnt find the strings and shows a blank dialog box in the gui..


  2. static - Reply

    Is there a way I can donate to this project? (for hosting costs, copies of Doom 3 for the dev’s, etc…)

  3. partemadres - Reply

    Cool, I will be able to run RoE in my Mac! Just like I can run ioquake3! If you need some space in a server just let me know.

  4. Mike - Reply

    What features are ioDoom3 planning to add/change to the Doom 3 source? What makes it better to use ioDoom 3 vs the default source?

    • Panic98 - Reply

      iD Tech4 has lots of optimization problems that have been present in all of iD’ engines. Bug’ are a problem with an engine like this due to its, advanced at the time, shading and lighting. Quad and UP(i3 & i7) and 64-Bit support are neigh at best and can be implemented far better but Doom 3 wasn’t made at a time that supporting those features was practical or necessary, if ioQuake3 is any example. If the original engine is working fine for you then keep using it.

  5. Justin - Reply

    So, just to be completely sure. I can download this and make my own games for free, and give them away so long as I don’t make a profit. I just can’t play doom 3 without buying it first. Or, do I have to pay for this to use it to make games

  6. Billy - Reply


    A source port/source update will be free of use to you. That means, as long as you follow the GPL license, you can make your own games and do whatever with it.

    You will only have to pay for the original doom 3 game. The engine to run the game (that this site is working on) is free, but id software’s proprietary graphics and maps data is not. I hope I cleared that up a bit.

    Also, wanted to say I’m pretty excited about this. I am secretly hoping for an android port 😉

  7. Brandon - Reply

    I would also love to know whether Quake 4 will eventually be supported. I have the game for Windows and would love to play it on my much newer, faster Mac.

  8. jml12 - Reply

    I wonder when I can play doom3 and quake 4 on an ARM linux based device using iodoom3? Will this compile on an ARM computer?

  9. C– - Reply

    How do I set up iodoom3 with CodeBlocks?
    As in: what files do I have to put into my project? (since CodeBlocks can’t yet import VS2010 projects/Solutions.)
    And what changes have you done yet to iodoom3? (since I can’t find a single changelog anywhere)

    Would appreciate your help

    PS: Planning on extending doom3 renderer. (for iodoom3) 😉

  10. Nafe - Reply

    OMG It’s so pretty.. I had no idea about this or IOQ3 til about 3 months ago – modding IOQ3 for my coursework.. I know what I’ll be doing this summer..

    I’ll make you an installer from python and scripts!

    I reckon it’ll compile on ARMv7 – I got IOQ3 to compile and run on i686 thinking its i386..

  11. imbecile - Reply

    Not much happening in the repository. And the things that did happen are pretty meager. Is this project dead?

    I’m just asking if I should hold my breath for anything, or if I should just continue working without ever looking here again.

  12. bravo2zero - Reply

    it took them a while to get ioquake3 out this code base is a lot more complicated with its 12 pass rendering engine just untangling could be taking some time then you need to plan for your updates and they can take a while .

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