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I was talking with Zakk the other day and we decided that neither of us wanted to maintain the Gitorious site.  Gitorious proved to be hard to maintain and even after several hours worth of work, our Gitorious installation was still somewhat broken.  Considering there are several other free sites that are dedicated maintaining Git repositories, it no longer makes much sense for us to do it too.

In recognition of this, we decided to move iodoom3’s repositories to GitHub!  The release repository is located at http://github.com/iodoom/iod3.  All new branches should be forked from this repository and all pull requests to should be submitted to this repository.

Effective immediately, git.iodoom.org is read only.  You can clone, but you should not be able to push.  The Gitorious on git.iodoom.org will be shutdown on April 30th, 2013.  Please use GitHub instead.

All 22 repositories from git.iodoom.org have been cloned to http://github.com/iodoom-gitorious/.  This GitHub organization is just for hosting the old Gitorious repositories.  If you want to modify them, please fork them.  To switch to GitHub from your existing clone, type in the following:

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin git@github.com:<username>/<repo_name>.git

We recognize that not a whole lot has been happening with this project.  Fortunately, Zakk informed me that after the next ioquake3 release, he plans to start pulling changes from your repositories!

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